3 Easy Stretches for Low Back Pain

3 Easy Stretches For

If you’ve been suffering from lower , there are some easy stretches you can try to relieve your pain. These include Double knee rotation, Cow-face pose, Side stretch, and Hip flexor stretch. All these simple exercises will stretch your lower and neck muscles.

Double Knee Rotation

When you have low back pain, a good exercise to try is the Double Knee Rotation. This exercise works the hip abductors and the outer side of the thigh. To do the exercise, lie flat on your back and bend both knees. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.

To do the double knee rotation for low back pain, first lie flat on your back. Now, rotate your knees to one side while keeping your upper body flat. Repeat the exercise with the other knee. Do this five to 10 times on each side.

Cow-face Pose

The Cow-face pose is a great way to stretch your lower back and counteract the effects of prolonged sitting. It releases tension and energizes the spine. It also helps lengthen the spine and open the chest and shoulders. It can help ease low back pain by targeting specific areas of the back and hips.

When practicing Cow-face pose, you should be very careful when adjusting your shoulders and neck. In addition, you should avoid bending your neck and leaning to one side. If you can, use a strap to support your back.

Side Stretch

If you are suffering from low back pain, one great exercise is the side stretch. This exercise is great for stretching the muscles of the lower back and will help you to relax your body. However, you must be cautious while performing this exercise. It’s always better to consult a doctor before doing it to prevent any further complications. It is also best to perform this stretch only once or twice a day. You should also listen to your body to know when it needs a break.

Begin this stretch by sitting upright and flexing your heel. This will increase the stretch in the lower back and hamstrings. Try to breathe deeply during this stretch. Once you’ve finished, switch sides.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Hip flexors are muscles in the hips that connect the top of the thigh to the low back. Stretching this muscle can help with low back pain. A typical hip flexor stretch involves lifting one leg and bending at the waist. Many people spend their day sitting, which puts their hip flexor in the most compressed position. Because of this, people often have tight hip flexors.

Hip flexors play a huge role in the stability of the lumbar spine. Therefore, they need to have an optimum amount of ROM. If hip flexors are too tight, the risk of is greater. Tight hip flexors also hinder sports performance and isometric trunk strength.

Supine Twist

The Supine Twist is a great exercise to help relieve pressure in the lower back and improve flexibility. To do it, lie on your back, with your knees bent and arms out in a “T” position. Gently roll your knees to one side. This exercise should be done for 20-30 seconds. To make it easier, place a pillow underneath your knees.

For beginners, try not to arch your low back. This incorrect posture can lead to injury. The correct twisting posture involves engaging the core, lowering your rib cage and shifting the glutes toward the knees. Never twist your body into a fetal position, as this can result in injury.

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